How Do You Do it???

Sorry for not being around for the past three months… I started a new job in an old field and had to relearn the skill during my probationary period. I’m a dental assistant and was a “tad” rusty, to put it mildly.

Now, I’m back, but this has all made me so aware of something… I’m blown away by how many of you survivors are working through your treatment! I couldn’t have done it! I was a complete mental case and would likely have lost my job. I couldn’t concentrate, was crying all the time and truly was a danger to myself and others (slight exaggeration, but only a VERY slight one).

How do you do it? I’ve met several of you that have worked through chemo and other aspects of treatment and hold you in the highest of esteem, because I honestly am at a loss to how you made it through (or are currently going through it).

Because I’m sure others would like to know how you “get through” treatment and work, I’m writing a new post on how some survivors do this and would love your input. Please feel free to post how you work or worked through treatment and what helped you through.

Talk to me, friends… Let’s help each other get through this beast we know as cancer.

Check out this great video from Megan Kowalewski and some of her others, as well… She’s an inspiration.