Battle Scars… Flaunt Them Baby!!!

If you’d asked me my thoughts on this subject shortly after surgery or even five years ago, my answer would have been much different than they are now… My scar is HUGE and though I’m not going to roast in the summer to hide it, I’ve still downplayed it like it wasn’t there. Ashamed of it and embarrassed.

I don’t know if it’s age or just a new found confidence in the past year or so, but I’ve swung completely the other direction. I’ve even entered contests for the best scar and story (didn’t win, YET, but determined to kick butt someday!). I will mess with you, if you ask (in fun, not in a mean way) and will make jokes about it. All in all, it’s become a way of breaking the ice and lightening the atmosphere.

Some can hide their cancer scars, but as you know, even if you can’t see them, they’re ever present and life changing. There’s nothing wrong with being uncomfortable with sharing it, but there’s amazing freedom in owning them. Not only do you feel free, but you will undeniably help someone else dealing with the same thing.

There’s no doubt, it’s scary, but worth it! Be brave, flaunt it (as long as it won’t get you arrested) and feel the power it gives you.

Have a great week and remember that you’re far stronger than you think you are.


Wickedly Fun Ways to Live with Post Cancer Issues… Part 1

Cancer sucks and we all know that, but with a wicked sense of humor, it’s a lot easier to deal with. The load is a lot lighter if you can laugh about it…

When asked about my scar, I’ve told people that I was attacked by a tiger shark while diving off Maui (with a very straight face). The expression is priceless because even though common sense should kick in, they actually hesitate and say “Really???” and I say “No, it was cancer, but it’s a much better story, isn’t it???” This is priceless, as it keeps them from necessarily feeling sorry for me and lightens the mood. They quickly realize that if I can laugh about it, it’s not something I need to be pitied over.

Not everyone can do such things with their scars (or is unstable enough to want to), but mine is nearly a foot long, down the back of my leg and my thigh looks like it has its own butt cheeks (I kid you not!). I could avoid shorts in the summer, but I’m not so shallow to allow myself to roast when it’s 90 degrees outside.

Am I bad, oh yes I AM, but if you can’t smile, what else is there?

Just remember this formula:

Curious Stranger + Tall Tale = A Look that’s Priceless

Have a spirited week!