50/50 Movie – A Users Guide to Surviving Cancer

I recently bought and watched the movie 50/50 and all I can say is “Wow! I needed that when I was diagnosed!” Now, I’m not saying that it’s 100% how I felt, but knowing that some of what this guy felt made me feel normal. When diagnosed, no one explained the emotional side of what you go through and how it changes you. Even when the doctor is explaining the diagnosis and how It’s heard is on the mark.

This movie touches on so many areas with humor, but you need to understand that it earns its “R” rating with a lot of language, but considering what is going on in this young man’s life, you kind of “get it.” Besides, I’m not one to swear (hate it for the most part), but after meeting my radiation oncologist with his god-awful bedside manner and him saying that 20 years ago, I’d have just lost my leg at the hip… I dropped the “F” bomb about the whole situation. To say I was under duress is a bit of an understatement. Face it, cancer sucks and people should allow for such things.

The humor of 50/50 will strike a note with many survivors… Your sense of humor tends to get a bit “whack” when going through treatment and let’s face facts, some of what you see in the movie has happened to many people. People bail on you because they can’t handle the diagnosis or some stay around just because they feel sorry for you, but there are those awesome individuals that will hold your hand while you scream in anger and laugh with you when you look back on it. They’ll smuggle you treats into the hospital and help you use your diagnosis to get out of events (yes, the guys admitted to doing this in the Special Features).

Speaking of the Special Features, you MUST watch them to meet the guy that was the inspiration for the movie. Seth Rogen actually stood by him through his cancer and their stories will make you smile all the more.

This is a great movie and will help any survivor realize that we all go through a process when we’re diagnosed and it involves all the emotions. That it’s also great to seek out help in dealing with these issues, but most of all it shows how a great friend can make the whole process go a lot easier…

Enjoy the movie and have a great week…

Here’s the movie website: http://www.50-50themovie.com/


Creating a Care Package for a Friend with Cancer

Putting together a care package for a friend with cancer will be one of the most wonderful gifts you can give. I’m speaking from experience and every little gift and card keeps your spirit going (I have each and every card and item seven years later). It doesn’t have to be elaborate because it’s the thought that counts, anyhow and it blesses regardless.

Here are some fun ideas, followed by a list of special items that help cancer survivors through their treatment.

1.       Lemon Drops—Helps settle stomach and with dry mouth… Just plain yummy.

2.       Mint Tea—Soothing and assists with digestion.

3.       Aquaphor—This is a must for those going through radiation. Helps with burn and the extremely dry skin.

4.       Silky Soft Scarf/Hat—Nice for those dealing with hair loss, especially when it’s cold.

5.       Stuffed Animal—Just something fun that ends up meaning a lot. Took mine with me for each surgery.

6.       Card—There are a number of nice cancer support cards available these days (Have seen them at both Hallmark and Walmart).

7.       Chocolate—Need I say more? Be careful if individual is having chemo, but if not, should be good to go!

8.       Puzzle Books—Something to do during treatment/recovery.

9.       Inspirational Books—There are a number of wonderful books on the subject matter. A personal favorite is Chicken Soup for the Survivor’s Soul.

10.   Trashy Novels—This is a matter of personal taste and could as easily be mysteries or whatever the individual prefers.

11.   CDs—Feel good music and or something soothing to help rest when needed.

These are just a few ideas, but put them in a nice little basket or gift bag and I guarantee you’ll have a winner.

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.  ~Christopher Reeve

Cancer Diagnosis AKA Mad Dog Syndrome

Seeing the bright side of cancer is difficult for anyone and generally you need to be on the back side of it to see ANYTHING positive from the experience, but it CAN happen. Toss in a twisted sense of humor and the cancer experience can have its moments of humor.

There are those incredible individuals that are diagnosed with cancer and go at it like Patton… Then there are those, like me that go at it like Cujo. We’re mild mannered individuals until someone decides to drop the cancer bomb on us and then it gets butt ugly. If I recall, hunkered down in a corner growling and frothing at the mouth; ready to take the head off the first individual that tried to be positive was the best description of me. Does that sound familiar to anyone else? It might be an exaggeration, but not by much.

The point I’m trying to make is that there isn’t a right or wrong way to handle a cancer diagnosis. It’s okay to go a little crazy or A LOT CRAZY if need be… The important thing is not to let it cause you to freeze up and do nothing; you need to move forward, and go into battle. Sometimes in battle, you need to be a little crazy to win.

“Crazy… The only REAL cure for cancer.”

(The picture for this post really has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was cute)


Welcome to Chaotic Survivorship… A site born out of the “desire to inspire” and offering hope to those living with and beyond cancer. With a slightly (or not so slightly) twisted sense of humor, hopefully helpful advice, and stories from the battlefield to show that the fight can be won.

I want this to be all that I was looking for with my own diagnosis. I’m not even close to a doctor, but I am a seven year cancer survivor with a razor sharp wit.

Posts will be once a week, unless I get quirky and something comes to mind (which is ALWAYS possible), with that anything goes.

Enjoy the site and let’s make this fun!