Brief Hiatus…

Sorry for not writing, but am taking a short hiatus.

Am changing jobs and will have so much more time to get you some great posts up soon! 

See you in October! 


Something Special Coming…

This site means the world to me, along with all that it stands for. I’ve created it to support those going through cancer and the people that love them. To give hope and humor to what often feels like a hopeless situation.

In the coming weeks there’s going to be a few changes to the site and what it offers. I’m going to post more frequently with posts offering inspiration, fitness and so much more.

Getting all creative and coming up with a fun saying that will bring smiles and adding it to T-shirts, mugs and other goodies to show we have a lot more “spunk” than anyone can even imagine.

And as a lover of food, will also share recipes that will add taste and comfort to your life.

So hold on to your hats… We’re in for a ride. 

Modesty and the Loss There Of

iStock_000020837312_ExtraSmallNo matter how conservative and modest you might be, going through a medical crisis like cancer can cure you. After who knows how many surgeries, radiation and all the goodness that goes along with it, and some rude comments from ignorant people, I got over the embarrassment and became a little “in your face,” about the experience (for better or worse).

Let’s face a few facts… Having more male nurses and aids after surgery and being told that you can’t walk to the restroom because your doctor hasn’t cleared you to walk, with or without crutches puts you in the unfortunate situation where a bedpan is required. Now, I don’t know about you, but I had spent all of my thirty-seven years being told that you DON’T pee in bed and suddenly telling me that I CAN in a bedpan created a complete disconnect… I couldn’t go at all. Lost track of how many times these poor guys tried to get past the issue, while I was bargaining to try to sneak into the restroom, just so I could go (which worked wonderfully, when I was free to get out of bed).

Then there was tag team bandage changes where a group of medical students were observing and all taking part in the process… It’s fascinating listening to the doctors instructing the up and coming doctors on my freaky cancer, but modesty goes out the window. Not to mention, having an infection that made my leg look a lot like a geyser going off repeatedly… Yeah, good times. 😉

After such things, you tend to get over any issues you might have with getting easily embarrassed. Even now, I don’t hesitate to share it because, besides being funny, I might be able to help someone else dealing with such struggles. I went from terrified for anyone to see, to “Hey, look at this!”

Don’t be embarrassed by what you’re going through, you just might be surprised at how many people know EXACTLY what you’re going through and they will likely be glad to offer advice and or help.

No matter how bad things look and negative the situation, sun can shine through it and you will have opportunities to smile, even of you don’t want to. I lost my best friend to lung cancer and she found a way to crack jokes to the end and even in the end, she brightened the world.

Be the light that brightens someone’s world…

“Freedom lies in being bold.”  ~Robert Frost

Channeling Rainbow Brite


Fully involved in my training and preparing for the Pretty Muddy event in September and have decided to do a whole rainbow themed outfit. From the wild socks to flashy shorts and t-shirt, I should stand out well before the mud flies.

As you can likely tell, I’m a kid at heart and love color passionately… I believe that life is all about the color and we shouldn’t worry about coloring in the lines all the time. Sometimes it’s all about the living and experiencing. Too many years were spent staying within the lines and when cancer struck, I realized it was all for nothing. I had wasted most of my life, living by someone else’s standards of “good” and “grown up” and it was killing me.

It all changed over that year of treatment and in the years that have passed since it has snowballed to the point that I LOVE my way of living and thinking! My friends are real, my life is bigger and the colors are vivid! Also, I love to color and paint like a kid, again.

This is how we should all live, true to ourselves and channeling our own Rainbow Brite (or whatever you love). It shouldn’t take something like cancer to bring us to life… Live a beautiful life, run your races (Pretty Muddy is pretty awesome!), and be something more.

Joy is in the living.

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”  ~Kahlil Gibran

Pain Sucks… And You Live With It

ImageThe whole time I had cancer growing inside me, it was painless and I’m glad for that… From what I’ve read, if your cancer gets to the point where it hurts, it’s a very bad thing. That said, I never hurt until they “fixed” me. Now I know the way the weather is going to go before and more accurately than the weatherman, but that’s okay.

A nerve was removed and I can’t feel the skin on the back of my calf, which makes for adventures in shaving and there’s nothing quite like having an itch, but being unable to feel yourself scratch it… But that’s okay.

Radiation has made my leg so dry that there are times that it scabs over, but that’s okay, too.

It’s all okay because I have a working leg and am living a wonderful life, despite cancer. I can live with pain. I can live with numbness. I can live with dryness. I’ve been living with this for close to ten years…

I can live with all of this because I’m alive to live with it. Pain hurts less when you look at the alternative.

It’s amazing what we can live with!

“Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.”  ~Erica Jong, How to Save Your Own Life, 1977

Diet and Fitness for the Right Reasons…

Long term weight loss comes from the right inspiration…  The wrong inspiration might help you lose, but it may not keep you inspired enough to keep it off. Real and lasting inspiration has to be about you and your future, not that class reunion or that wedding, not your significant other or anyone else… It’s about doing what’s best for you.

As a survivor, you need to keep your health a priority and realize that if you don’t take care of you, no one else can. Balance is key and remembering that this body is a gift that you need to care for, for no one other than you.

Have a great week and will be offering up more posts this week…


“The greatest wealth is health.”  ~Virgil

Coming this Weekend…

This weekend’s post will be about dealing with the recurrence of a friend or loved one…

Keep cool and come on back.


Coming tomorrow…

Tomorrow will be another movie on my list of “smiles worth watching.”

See you then…

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.”  ~Irish Proverb

Coming Soon!

Long time no blog… Changes in direction and exciting changes to the site. It will all be worth the wait!

There will be everything from fitness advice to recipes and all around adventure!

Hold on to your seats, it’s going to be fun.

New post coming this weekend.

Sign up and come back.

Cancer Diagnosis AKA Mad Dog Syndrome

Seeing the bright side of cancer is difficult for anyone and generally you need to be on the back side of it to see ANYTHING positive from the experience, but it CAN happen. Toss in a twisted sense of humor and the cancer experience can have its moments of humor.

There are those incredible individuals that are diagnosed with cancer and go at it like Patton… Then there are those, like me that go at it like Cujo. We’re mild mannered individuals until someone decides to drop the cancer bomb on us and then it gets butt ugly. If I recall, hunkered down in a corner growling and frothing at the mouth; ready to take the head off the first individual that tried to be positive was the best description of me. Does that sound familiar to anyone else? It might be an exaggeration, but not by much.

The point I’m trying to make is that there isn’t a right or wrong way to handle a cancer diagnosis. It’s okay to go a little crazy or A LOT CRAZY if need be… The important thing is not to let it cause you to freeze up and do nothing; you need to move forward, and go into battle. Sometimes in battle, you need to be a little crazy to win.

“Crazy… The only REAL cure for cancer.”

(The picture for this post really has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was cute)