Crazy Things People Say…

When someone we know and or love is diagnosed with cancer, we often feel like we’ve got to find the right words to make the situation better and very often…  It can make the situation worse.

When I was diagnosed I heard some of the craziest things I’ve EVER heard anyone say.

Here are the top five things that were said to me, but shouldn’t have been:

  1. “Is that your REAL hair???” (I kid you not! No chemo, rads only on knee and someone actually asked this one)
  2. “Are you going to lose your leg???” (I don’t care how curious you are or how much you care, NEVER ask such an insane and ignorant question! If your friend/loved one want to tell you, they will. Don’t ask)
  3. “What kind of tattoos are those???” (Speaking of the Sharpie target marks for my radiation… Duh!)
  4. “Let me know if you need anything…” (Not going to happen, if you want to do something, just do it because we WON’T ask)
  5. This last one may well offend some, but for someone dealing with cancer’s injustices there’s a great deal of anger and you need to remember that fact… Number five is “I’ll pray for you.” (There’s nothing wrong with praying for someone, but it often is said very casually and when an individual is going through the anger that comes with cancer, it’s the last thing that they may want to hear)

People search for the right words when a friend or loved one is diagnosed with cancer, but the truth is that there are no words that can fix it. Often allowing the person vent, cry, talk or sit in silence is what they need. Be there, you DON’T need to SAY anything… Being there is by far the most important thing and saying nothing is better than saying the wrong thing.

Be sensitive to what your loved one is feeling; you don’t need to hurt them more by saying something crazy and foolish.

 “Foolishness always results when the tongue outraces the brain.”  ~Author Unknown

Dracula: Dead and Loving It – The Weekly Belly Laugh

If you’re a fan of Mel Brooks, this is a movie for you! If you’ve never seen any of his movies, where have you been??? Twisted fun and often making fun of other movies, his movies are irreverent fun that you never forget.

This one is starring Leslie Neilson, Steven Weber, Peter MacNicol and Mel Brooks (of course) as Van Helsing. If this movie doesn’t get you laughing, you might need your pulse checked because it’s a nonstop laugh-fest.  Amy Yasbeck plays Dracula’s love interest Mina and she’s her usual comedic genius (she doesn’t get near the recognition that she deserves, in my humble opinion).

Grab yourself some popcorn, a mirror, garlic and a stake or two and get ready for fun! This one won’t keep you up at night and will tickle your funny bone.

Have a great week and ALWAYS remember that laughter is the BEST medicine.

“Laughter is an instant vacation.”  ~Milton Berle


Thought for the night:

Life is far too short not to dance EVERYDAY! Try to not smile, while dancing… Nope, can’t be done!

Feelin’ the music and bopping around as I write and it feels good.

Join me!