Weekly Belly Laugh

As a true believer of laughter being the best medicine for about anything, each week I’ll be posting a comedic movie recommendation. Some will be new and others older, but all are a mood improver (in my opinion, for what that means).

(Oh yes, to my cyber stalker… There will be a post script just for you)

This week’s Belly Laugh is actually an action movie, but I was amazed by the humor in it. Those that know me well, know that from the moment that Tom Cruise came on the scene in the 80’s I was NEVER a fan (an understatement in a BIG way), but in the past couple years he’s won me over with his sense of humor. This week’s Belly Laugh is Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and I was blown away. I haven’t even seen the rest of the Mission: Impossible movies, but this is a RIDE!

I love Simon Pegg to begin with, from Shaun of the Dead and Paul (Yes, I watch some low brow humor, get over it!) and he’s a riot, as always, but the humor that came with the rest of the movie shocked me. Somewhat a “Murphy’s Law” thing happening here and any of us that have had a HUGE URGENT project, will get it. Tom’s expressions when things go wrong are gold and the comments made by the entire cast are perfect.

The action is farfetched, but do we REALLY watch this sort of movie for reality??? I think not. This is a wonderful escape from reality and a joyride for those needing a smile. I give this four stars, but I’m easily impressed. Definitely worth the time.

Next week will be diving into a Mel Brooks classic…

Until then, keep smiling and freaking out those wondering what you’re thinking.

(To my cyber stalker, yeah you… Now you’ll see just who I am and I must say, you’ll be surprised. I told you I was scary smart and pretty incredible. You might want to check out my other blog, it’s more your speed).

 I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.  ~Woody Allen

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