Wickedly Fun Ways to Live with Post Cancer Issues… Part 1

Cancer sucks and we all know that, but with a wicked sense of humor, it’s a lot easier to deal with. The load is a lot lighter if you can laugh about it…

When asked about my scar, I’ve told people that I was attacked by a tiger shark while diving off Maui (with a very straight face). The expression is priceless because even though common sense should kick in, they actually hesitate and say “Really???” and I say “No, it was cancer, but it’s a much better story, isn’t it???” This is priceless, as it keeps them from necessarily feeling sorry for me and lightens the mood. They quickly realize that if I can laugh about it, it’s not something I need to be pitied over.

Not everyone can do such things with their scars (or is unstable enough to want to), but mine is nearly a foot long, down the back of my leg and my thigh looks like it has its own butt cheeks (I kid you not!). I could avoid shorts in the summer, but I’m not so shallow to allow myself to roast when it’s 90 degrees outside.

Am I bad, oh yes I AM, but if you can’t smile, what else is there?

Just remember this formula:

Curious Stranger + Tall Tale = A Look that’s Priceless

Have a spirited week!

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