Perception vs. Reality

One of the funniest things I find about when I tell someone that I’m a cancer survivor is when they tell me how incredible I am for beating it… Clearly they didn’t know me then.

I went kicking and screaming through treatment, surgery, and recovery (at some points, quite literally). There are all the levels of grief you go through during the process, but I set up housekeeping in “blind rage” and stayed there for at least a year afterwards (think rabid pit bull).

I was lucky, not skilled… Having a great support team, an amazing surgeon that looked like Doogie Houser, and just plain dumb luck (considering how long I knew about the mass behind my knee, damn lucky is a better way of putting it).

When you see someone going through treatment, understand that they are just everyday people that are going through a life changing experience that they sure as heck didn’t ask for. I certainly was no super hero (I am now, you should see my cape), but somehow got through it all. Don’t assume they have it together, even if that is how they are acting. Survivors need friends and support, even if it’s just a hand to occasionally hold.

Be that friend.

4 thoughts on “Perception vs. Reality

  1. jauch2000 says:

    I absolutely love it!! I have wanted to write about this topic but have been afraid to hurt those who have said those things with the best of intentions and love. You did it right! Another comment I hear is “You survived bc of your attitude.” If that were the case so many whom have passed because of cancer would be alive today. My friend Toni who died of sarcoma was positive to the day she died. While I do believe it is helpful during hard times I don’t think you survive if your just positive enough.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Jenny Jauch

  2. Jeff says:

    Loved the article! People don’t understand what it’s like.Your life is changed forever.The life you had before your cancer is no more.It is always in the back of your mind.I survived(x3) because of the doctors,family and friends,possitive attitude,and the faith/prayers of so many people.People I didn’t even know and places I had never heard of.Oh yes! I had my days.Days when I wanted to give up because of the treatments.The days when I was mad at the word and to be honest God.You are right in that survivors need a good support system to help them get over the hurdles,valleys and Mts. that will come up.

    Thanks again:)

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